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scherer elation loudspeaker
The high-end in sound and design
Often in life it’s an understated remark which has thegreatest impact. When there’s no
need to be obvious or to shout for attention, it’s an understatement which can cut to the
quick with refinement and sophistication.

And so it is with our new bookshelf loudspeaker, the ELATION. Designed to blend
effortlessly with modern furnishings, yet certain to become a natural focal point in any
contemporary living space, the ELATION is all about understated design and absolute clarity.

The cabinet is made from Scandinavian Birch plywood and a rigid composite which
combine to give a unique stonelike finish that looks stunning in Titanium White. A single
full-range driver outputs powerful, accurate bass. The ELATION delivers balanced, room-
filling sound, free of distortion and interference. So does this speaker sound good? Sure
it does. Of course, that’s an understatement.